Jaelyrn Horricksdottir

Kobold victim


Level 1 Cleric


As far as any of you can recall Jaelyrn is the daughter of Horrick a local Tavern Master. He runs the winking medusa, a tavern with a decent if not sterling reputation nearly across the street from your borrowed manor house. One or two of you may even remember a much younger Jaelyrn serving tables at the Medusa some time ago before she apprenticed herself to the Clerigy of the RavenQueen, much against her fathers wishes if you remember correctly.

Since then not much has been heard of Jaelyrn, nearly all of her time was spent cloistered from the outside world. However it is interesting to note that her studies must be over now if she is out and about in the world.

Jaelyrn Horricksdottir

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