Against the Sapphire Legion

Session 2 part A

Session 2 part A

Real Date: 02April2011

Campain Date: 06Sigrblot

After having withdrawn from the mines, the daring group of knights and assorted paid help set up camp outside the unlocked doors of the western most shaft. During that time they explored the handful of decrepit abandoned buildings outside the mine and found a map detailing the extent of the mine, if not the disposition of its defenders. And early the next morning on the 7th of Sigrblot they re-enentered the mine thier nerves steeled once again.

Immediatly they discover that the kobolds had not been lazy during the absence of the Stalwart heroes. They had cleared away thier own dead and wounded, leaving nothing of note behind until the group had penetrated deeper into the mines to find what amounted to a hastily prepared defensive position. The kobolds, while clearly not finished in thier preparations were still ready to meet the heroes there. And what followed was a mobile fight through the five linked chambers as the kobolds sought to overwhelm the group through sheer numbers, and tried continually to utilize the linked nature of the chambers to outflank the group. However in the end the heroes of course were victorious, with scant few wounds to show for thier troubles.

Indeed during the battle special note should be made of thier paladin who managed to block off an entire passage way, bottle necking the kobolds there and preventing them from entering the main fight until the rest of the group was ready for them.

Near the end one of the kobold shamans did try to make thier escape into the recesses of the southern most cavern. However he was put down in short order despite his withdraw. And it was then that the heroes discovered firstly that there was a small tunnel, much to small for them to explore, leading away deeper into the mountain. As well as the fact that there on the floor laid a bound prisoner of the kobolds. And it was none other then Jaelyrn Horriksdottir that was rumored back in HighHold to have gone missing. What the kobolds could have been keeping her prisoner for is a mystery though, for they’re not known cannibles. And certainly it would be akward for them to try to ransom her back to someone living in HighHold. However these idle wonderings aside it is perhaps best to aknowledge that it is indeed better that she was kept a prisoner rather then immediatly having been put to the sword.

When freed, though she expressed her thanks to having been rescued all she could speak of was her boon companion Bayvin. Evidently Bayvin being a Aasimar with some training as a clerigy member similar to Jaelyrn was still being kept prisoner farther up the mountain where they were originaly captured. At least as of the last time she had seen him. And after some conversing it came out that the two of them were archeologists of a sort exploreing and mapping the many ruins and burial chambers along the ridge. According to Jaelyrn, for the most part these ruins are safe, with them being to close to regularly patrolled trade routes to become home to any form of monsters. However clearly this was not the case this time.

After a short rest the group decided to help Jaelyrn divine the fate of her companion. The walk up the Ridgeline was rather short, if tireing, and an hour later they were at the entrance to the ruins that the priestess claims to have been exploring when the kobolds decended on them. The ruins turned out to be rather small, though perhaps that is due to the cave in the main chamber and in the only corridor to been seen still leading away from the main chamber. But for whatever the reason there were but a scant few kobolds who put up a minor disturbance before attempting to withdraw from the avenging priestess and her new companions. Regardless they were all put to the sword before a single one of htem could withdraw into the decidedly kobold sized tunnels.

However in the end it mattered little that the companions couldn’t search teh kobold warrens, for the prize they were after was right there in the small rough walled chamber off the main. It was none other then Bayvin, yet another cleric of the Raven Queen and the remainder of Jaelyrns and his gear to include thier horses. After that the group decided that a short rest in real beds would do them wonders. And thus they traveled down off the ridgeline to seek out the Wanderer’s Rest, a known tavern, inn, stables, and a little bit of everything else somewhat close to where they were.

The wanderer’s Rest turned out to be a rather large sprawling structure situated just off the great trade road. And there the group was able to sell a number of archeological artifacts for a decent price. And they were simply able to flash the signet of knighthood to recieve thier food and stay for free. And though there was some contention on whether the Rest was a good place to spend the night. In the end calmer heads prevailed even though a watch was posted just to be sure.

The next day they rode out again with Jaelyrn and Bayvin in tow to complete the rest of thier scouting mission before returning to HighHold to attempt to claim a reward for the rescue of the intrepid Clerigy. And the next two days went quickly, even somewhat quietly, save of course for the prattling chatter of Bayvin. With the careful notes taken by Jaelyrn things were even sped up for the group as she detailed areas that they were looking for. However that third day Jaelyrn halted the group to explain a potential problem area.

The particular abandoned mine that they were stopped behind she explained opened up into some old Orruskan ruins. And from reports of the miners those ruins were filled with the undead guardians of that ancient empire. However no one had ever bothered to explore the ruins to any depth. The site was decently far from the trade road, and to make the place an even lower priority none of those undead guardians ever seemed to leave the ruins. so the place was more or less ignored by the patrols that guarded the pass. The telling reason to enter however was that no one else had ever gone to any depth. It was still completely unknown if the ruins opened up into a deeper tunnel network or simply if they were there alone with no other way to enter them.

And so the group entered, an a short journey down half a dozen mining tunnels later the heroes found themselves waist deep in skeletal guardians. And for some time it appeared that the battle would never end, one skirmish would blur into another one as the battle progressed deeper into the ruins, with more gaurdians appearing whenever the sound of combat would bring the next rooms worth shambling out to engage the intruders.

Eventually however the group was able to disengage from thier foes and withdraw to lick thier wounds. And currently they find themselves making a cold camp on the ridgeline waiting for the next day to re-enter the ruins to finish exploring and clearing them out. The heroes were doubly dissapointed to find that the guardians, at least so far as they had penetraed into the ruins, were not guarding any treasure of note, in fact no treasure at would appear to be the case.



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