Against the Sapphire Legion

Session 1

Drawn to Adventure

Real Time: 26Mar2011

Game Time: 23rd Einmanuar

The group are Knights and Paid Auxilleries of the Republic of the North. They have been together for some time and are used to each others’ company. Rumor’s aboud of War brewing in the west and as always the Southern Marches are in turmoil. The group is currently contracted by Lord Gregorii Greycastle of HighHold. The general duties of the group include keeping the general peace, patrolling the trade roads through the Barony of HighHold, and keeping the land safe for villagers. In addition to whatever tasks and missions that the Baron Graycastle may have in store. In payment Baron Greycastle allows the group to utilize a small manor house within the walls of the city of HighHold as a base of operations. In addition to minor prizes in reward of extroidinary service.

Early on the 23rd of Einmanuar The group meets with Ser Byram the Stalwart, also known as the Stout, within Servan Manor. He extends an invitation to the Grey Keep that evening to discuss opportunities with Lord Greycastle. The rest of the day the group gathers equipment for a mission they know to be coming.

That night the group gathers within the Grey Keep, and as they wait they notice that the Ghost Company is also in attendance. The Ghost company is another group of Knights in the employ of Lord Greycastle, and as such they are the main competition for your group for the most lucrative of Lord Greycastle’s missions.

After a short meal Lord Greycastle makes an appearance with Ser Byram at his side. And describes the particulars of the mission at hand. He informs the two groups that the rumors are true, that war indeed has come to the west. Hobgoblins have marched on the Republic of the Crescent moon. and many suspect that the Hobgoblins plan to march on HighHold next. As part of Greycastle’s preparations for war he desires that the Fell Pass be scouted with a fine comb to ensure that should he march to war that no force could outflank him through the many caves and tunnels that speckle the pass. And in essence he has two seperate missions, one for a force to scout the southern ridges, and one the northern ridges. After a moment of silence the Ghost company volunteers for the Northern Ridge. And no one in your group contests the choice.

Later that night after the adventurers have returned to Servan Manor spies are discovered searching through the belongings of the group. Combat is immediatly joined and after cleverly manuevering the spies into a corner they are put to the sword. After searching thier remains it is discovered that they are Shifters that faught in an avenger style. And that among thier possessions are a pair of Holy symbols of Tiamat. And oddly enough The head of the blue dragon is Ascendant as opposed to the more normal depiction of the Red Dragon head being Ascendant. Perhaps the symbol indicates a particular sub group within the church of Tiamat ?

Early on the 24th of Einmanuar the group sets the Butler of Servan Manor to desposing of the bodies of the spies. they then set out for the Fell Pass, deciding to travel to the western limit of where they are intended to scout and then working thier way back along the ridge performing the aformentioned scouting and thier return trip to HighHold. Along the way they spread the news to the farmers and crofters in the Pass that there is a good chance that Hobgoblin forces may soon be marching through.

On the 3rd of Sigrblot the group turns around and begins exploring the Ridge. Several days go by without incident. Though the group does find plenty of places where a determined foe could attempt to outflank an army on the march. It is not until the 6th of Sigrblot that the group encounters something of note. They find a previously abandoned mine that shows sign of more recent use. And after some scouting around the area outside the mine it is determined with some authority that Kobolds have taken up residence within the mine. The group decides to enter and explore in reflection of thier orders. And of course to make the Pass safer with the absence of the Kobolds.

The first chamber within the mines proved to be difficult with Pit traps, and kobolds cleverly manuevering around the group. However the adventures through the tactics of thier wise and Knightly Swordmage managed to triumph putting the kobolds there to the sword, even with the reinforcements that rushed to the kobolds aid halfway through the battle. The adventurers then proceeded deeper into the mine complex discovering an old burial chamber dating back to the time of Valdemar the Great. And another short combat later the group proved victorious over the undead protectors. After that it was decided to make camp outside the mine complex setting a watch over its entrance while the group rested for the night.



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